Wireless Solutions

Fermi BTS:

Fermi Telecom Solution is a compact, portable, low power complete multi standard radio solution combined with open source software integration.

This solution offers a unique approach, different from that of traditional radio access networks, with increased flexibility, scalability and is easily upgradeable with new features. Our technology is precisely software based and all the functions and protocols of both the radio access network and the core network are controllable just through some simple commands. We use Linux, a generic operating system, as well as the Intel Atom chipset and Multi standard radio to replace special-purpose FPGA and DSP boards. The RAN product we have developed is easy to upgrade and extremely flexible, allowing operators to run GSM and LTE (depending on configuration) from the same unit with simple software update. The product combines the Mobile Switching Center (MSC), Base Station Controller (BSC), and Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in a single compact enclosure. Fermi Telecom Solution also includes solar panels and a battery backup .

Flexi Mesh:  

Flexi Mesh solution is a low cost, decentralized, easy to deploy Wi-fi solution. This solution is perfectly suited for disaster management, connecting rural India, all without any hassle as it is a plug and play solution hence the user has to do minimum to no configuration in order to setup a fully functional Wifi Mesh Network.

Flexi Mesh solution uses IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n compatible wireless routers as its network nodes and relies completely on solar power with 3 days battery autonomy. The solution provides a ground data speed of up to 300 Mbps and the mesh network ensures network robustness in the event of any node failure. The solution also provides high reliability and bandwidth coupled with low battery consumption as compared to 3G / 4G solutions to provided data and video calling services.

Fermi NITB:

Fermi NITB is a SDR based all in one solution for GSM/4G LTE telephony.By delivering multiple access technologies and streamlining the network through an IP-based architecture, the Fermi NITB provides operators with the most compact, adaptable, and cost-effective platform for deploying, extending, and evolving their networks. It is the most looked after product for disaster management due to its highly portable design. It is rapidly deployable, portable, can be vehicle mounted, or can be statically deployed in fixed or temporary locations based on requirements and conditions. Fermi NITB is a smart telephony network solution capable of running as a 2G / 4G depending on the backhaul bandwidth offered. Due to its rugged design,portability and easy deployment factors it is a good choice for Disaster Management, Defense and Rural Development.