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What is a Kiosk ?

  • KIOSK  is an interactive computer terminal available for public use with a Internet access or  utility specific information  and touch screen display.

Utility Kiosk:

  • Utility Kiosk  is  a self-service bill payment solution.
  • Kiosks provide underserved or unbanked consumers a convenient  and user friendly option for paying their bills.
  • Reduce customer wait time  and  increase customer satisfaction.
  • KIOSK requires minimum space and can be  placed in any convenient indoor /outdoor location.


  • Bill payment kiosks are incredibly easy to use  can be operated in local language.
  • Convenience of any time payment.
  • After payment  the bill payment kiosk will print and dispense a receipt of the transaction.
  • It provide customers with secure and convenient access to expedited
  • bill payment .
  • Real-time payment processing means their bills get paid instantly.
  • Guaranteed cash deposits based on transactions processed.

Queue Management Kiosk:

Consumer lending and mortgage lending, increase in the number of users of credit cards and deposits of natural persons provide for a continuous inflow of visitors to financial institutions. TECL solves the problems of efficient and maximum servicing by application of queue control systems which contribute to decrease in labour input of paymasters and cashiers, avoidance of tension among the visitors and for more efficient distribution of workload among the paymasters ensured by directing the people to appropriate windows depending on the type of request. If required similar solutions allow the organization of making of appointments for visitors in time and date.

QMS Advantages:

Emphasis on QMS Features Customer Interface

 Information Kiosk :

We have full range of information kiosk series which are widely used in airports, hospitals, malls, schools, institutions, automobiles, defense, governments & PSU’s and Many more sectors.

Tele-Medicine Kiosk:

Objectives of Telemedicine-

Use of information & communication technologies:

  • To provide specialized health care consultation to patients in remote locations.
  • To facilitate video-conferencing among health care experts for better treatment & care.
  • To provide opportunities for continuing education of health care personnel.

Relevance of Telemedicine-

  • Inadequate infrastructure in rural/district hospitals
  • Large number of indoor/outdoor patients requiring referral for specialized care
  • Low-availability of Health Experts in district/remote hospitals
  • Dearth of adequate opportunities for training or continuing Medical Education for Doctors in Rural/Remote Health facilities


  • Established Product.
  • In House R&D Capability.
  • Vast  Experience in the field of KIOSK.
  • Upcoming 24x7x365 Customer Contact Centre for handling queries from various Self Service Kiosk installations across the country.
  • Central NOC for Proactive Network monitoring, Kiosk & Device Level monitoring, Security breach redressal, Clearance monitoring etc.