Training & Knowledge Sharing


Training & Technology:

Telecom is one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The sector is expected to grow over 150% by 2020. With increase in competition between the major players , the requirement for mobile analysts, software engineers, and hardware engineers for mobile handsets has increased. However, holding an engineering degree is not enough to survive in the Telecom Sector. There is constant need of updating of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Training  is activity leading to skilled behavior.

  • It’s not what you want in life, but it’s knowing how to reach it.
  • It’s not where you want to go, but it’s knowing how to get there.
  • It’s
    not how high you want to rise, but It’s knowing how to take off Training and Development.
  • It’s may not be quite the outcome you were aiming for, but it will be an outcome.
  • It’s not what you dream of doing, but it’s having the knowledge to do it.

Training is about knowing where you stand(no matter how good or bad the current situation looks) at present, and where you will beafter some point of time.

Training is about the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSA) through professional development.

  • World class training in RF-BSS-MSC-BSC-Drive Test, Optimization and Benchmarking.
  • 4 Class Room in 4 Cities (Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore)
  • Certificate course
  • GSM/CDMA /4G/LTE Technology
  • Tan Delta/Power Relay/Power Quality/Energy Audit Technology
  • Industry Focused Learning
  • On Field Training

At TECL, training and development is given huge importance for exciting employees as well as fresh engineering graduates. We have an exhaustive and full-fledged training set up at Kolkata, New Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore for fresh engineering graduates and also engineers having basic telecom experience. We have qualified and experienced in-house trainers having prudent knowledge and experience in telecom.