Research and Development

We at TECL realise the importance of Research and Development in our fast paced industry. To stay relevant and competitive we have had to and will continue to constantly innovate. We have from our inception been pioneers in our field and have been pushing it forward.

In late 2007, we were the first company to push for EMF regulations for telecom towers to keep in check harmful radiations. We had developed the first EMF test toolkit to single out telecom setups that were emitting excessive radiations, above the WHO prescribed limit and damaging the environment. Since then, we have been helping TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in updating the regulations and keep the best interest of society in our mind.

We have been stepping up our R&D initiatives to challenge the status quo and break into new industries with newer and innovative approaches. We have the prestigious honour of being recognised R&D unit by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR).