Calibration and Repair


Starting in 1991 as a seller of Test and Measuring Instrument, the company rapidly grew into  a comprehensive solution provider for all types of Testing and Measurement needs in Telecom and Power field. In 2005 it started repair and calibration centre which was subsequently NABL Accredited. TOSHNIWAL team is exulted to announce that its new division TECPL – CAL EXPRESS had created a benchmark by obtaining NABL Certification  in Electrical , Thermal, Pressure&RF.
We assure our reverent customers to provide and assist them by providing the World Class Calibration Services as per the Quality Guideline ISO/IEC/17025:2005

Calibration Facilities :

TECL- CAL Express stands guarantee for presenting any industry with their testing instrument calibrated by reference standards with tractability to National Standards like NPL, ERTL & ETDC.
Electro-Technical :- Precision Electro-technical Instrument mainly Agilent 61/2 DMM, Multifunction calibratorlikeFluke 5502, Fluke 9100.
Pressure:- Precision Pressure Measuring equipment mainly Dead Weight Tester by characterization method with best accuracy of 80ppm & Pressure Calibrator (Fluke-3130 ,719pro ,Fluke 5515) .(Type – Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Absolute & Vacuum covering range from -1 to 1400bar)
Thermal:-Standard Sensors like Fluke SPRT ,TC-5648 and temperature bath of Fluke (9150 , 6330 ,7381). . Accredited Range (-80degC to 1450 degC )
Radio Frequency:- Standard Signal source (Rohde & Schwarz) (3Ghz) and measuring equipment like Agilent N9912A Spectrum Analyzer. Power measurement using RF Analyzer and power attenuation.

Instrument we can Calibrate :

RF: Spectrum Analyzer, R F Cable,  Antenna, Cable & Antenna Tester, Oscilloscope, Signal Generator, Frequency, Counter, RF Power Meter, Optical Power Meter, Advance Network Tester ,Optical Spectrum Analyzer,  Power Sensors.

Optical : Power Meter, Laser Source, OTDR.

Electrical : Ac + Dc Ammeter, Ac + Dc Voltmeter, Multimeter / Clampmeter, Precision Multimeter ( 4 ½ , 5 ½ , 6 ½ Digit), Process Calibrator, Temperature Calibrator, Rtd / Loop Calibrator, Decade Resistance Box, Earth Tester, Insulation Tester, Frequency / Universal Counter, Frequency Meter, Frequency Generator, Oscilloscope, Ac + Dc Voltage / Current Source, Relay, Shunt, Current Transformer, Potential Transformer, Turn Ratio Meter Of Transformer, Energy Meter, Power Meter, Stop Watch, Timer, Tachometer,  Lux Meter, Sound Level Meter, High Voltage Probe,  High Voltage Tester, Ohm Meter, Micro Ohm Meter, Process Indicator,  Process Controller, Data Acquisition Switch.

Thermal : In Industry & Industry’s Lab, RTD, Thermocouple, Dial Thermometer, Glass Thermometer, Temperature Indicator,  Temperature Transmitter, Temperature Switch / Thermostat, Industrial Furnace, Water / Oil / Salt Bath, In Hospital / Pathology /Testing Lab, Water Bath, Incubator, Bod Incubator, Hot Air Oven, Muffle Furnace, Refrigerator, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Deep Freeze (Vertical / Horizontal), Walk In Cooler / Cold Room, Autoclave, Centrifuge, Platelet Agitator, Digital / Analog Temperature – Humidity Meter (Thermohygrometer), Dry Wet Bulb Thermometer, Max – Min Thermometer.


Pressure :In Industry & Industry’s Lab, Dead Weight Tester, Pressure Calibrator, Master Pressure / Vacuum /Compound Gauge (Analog / Digital), Industrial Pressure / Vacuum / Compound Gauge ( Analog / Digital), Mercurry / Water Manometer, Magnehellic Gauge, Aneroid Barometer, Absolute Pressure Transducer / Gauge, Pressure / Vacuum / Compound Transmiter, Level Transmitter ( Diff Pr Type), Flow Transmitter (Diff Pr Type), I/P Converter, Control Valve, Safety Valve, Pressure / Vacuum Switch, Flow Meter, In Hospital /Pathology / Testing Lab, Laminar Air Flow, Blood Pressure Apparatus (Sphygmomanometer),

Repair :We have excellent repair team consisting of Skilled Technicians who can repair most of the Test and Measuring Equipments from Agilent,Hewlett  Packard, Rohde and Schwarz, Anritsu, Tektronix, GW Instek, Fluke, Aplab etc.

We have expert Validation Engineers who can carry out tests as per ITU Standards on Communication Evaluation Boards, Base Transceiver Stations, GSM Radios etc.